Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Bose QC-25 Children Ad (Proposed)

In a suburban middle class household, a harried woman expresses exasperation at the yelling and shouting of a play date of four or so young children in her house. Her head beginning to ache from all the shrill, high volume screams of glee from the playing children, our heroic parent reaches into a canvas bag and pulls out her case of Bose QC-25 noise-cancelling headphones, opens it, removes the headphones, and proceeds to put them on and turn the switch on. In the soundtrack of the commercial, we hear what she hears, and once she turns the switch on to activate the noise-cancelling feature of the headphones, the noise of the screaming children instantly disappears, and we hear only silence, while still seeing the kids running around, jumping about, yelling and screaming, etc. And while she continues to monitor the children’s play activities for safety, she now relaxes and feels better, her stress very much relieved by muting all the noise. Then the announcer says: “The Bose QC-25 Noise-Cancelling Headphones: for when children should be seen and not heard.”