Wednesday, August 17, 2016

iPhone “Shot on iPhone” Mr. Snuffalupagus Joke Ad

In this joke ad for the movies you can make on your iPhone, Mr. Snuffalupagus tells us he decided to become a director. He calls his films: “Snuffy Films”. Then we see a bunch of Muppets being chopped up by an axe held by an off-camera trunk, and then Big Bird walks in frame and says: “Hi, Snuffy! Whatcha doing? Aaaaaaaaa! Snuffy, what have you done?” And then Mr. Snufflupagus’s trunk drops the axe and he says: “It’s a good thing no one but you can see me, or else I might get in big trouble for this. You can say you made all my Snuffy films, bird. It’s easy on an iPhone. See?” Mr. Snuffalupagus hands his iPhone to Big Bird. Then the Muppet Police show up and drag Big Bird away, and Mr. Snuffleupagus laughs and says: “So easy on an iPhone to make your own movies.”

(I think this would make a good Robot Chicken sketch.)

(The music behind this joke ad could be "Chainsaw" by the Ramones.)

Here’s an example of those “Shot on iPhone” Ads: