Thursday, August 18, 2016

Mercedes Michael Hastings (Joke?*) Ad

In this (Joke?*) ad for Mercedes, we see crash tests of Mercedes cars, and then the announcer says: “Mercedes: The safest car in the world!” Then we see the story about Michael Hastings’s Mercedes crashing on Highland in Hollywood, and the announcer says: “Unless you criticize the United States government. Then we cannot be held accountable for what happens to you. We’re just a car company, after all… We can’t protect you against those types of situations…”

(BTW: I probably shouldn’t say this, but it’s pretty obvious to me Michael Hastings was murdered. And I’m pretty disillusioned to say that had this happened during the Bush Administration, there would have been a lot more coverage and investigative journalism on the subject, possibly leading to the truth. He was a hero of the Left, but when he died during the Obama Administration: crickets. I live in LA near Highland: People don’t just die in ball-of-fire crashes on Highland. It just doesn’t happen. So I was shocked when the news people just accepted it, like they never accepted anything when Bush was President. I guess deaths only matter when Republicans are to blame? {See: Lybia, Syria, Post-War Iraq, Yazidis, Crimea, Ukraine, etc.})

And before I get branded as another “Repubtard”, I am not a Republican, nor am I a conservative. I’m just an American, an Indepenent, because both sides disgust me.

Here’s a story about Michael Hastings’s death:

* His death is no joke to me; just the news response to it is. Maybe they're afraid they might be next? (Pussies? Partisans? Punks?)