Thursday, August 11, 2016

BMW “Okay, We’re Going to Lose” Ad

This ad is a fun idea, with superstitious men going to a sporting event (I assume). Well, they make sure everyone is in the same position in the car as last time, but one guy remembers he drove last time, and he’s given a no-no by the driver of the new BMW, to which he says: “Okay, we’re going to lose.”

But they forgot to add the part at the end where their team lost and the guy from before says: “I told you we were going to lose! And it’s all because you bought that damn BMW! You son of a bitch! It’s this BMW’s fault!” And then they all take a sledgehammer to it.

Here’s the superstitious spot:

(Maybe this would make a fun retort ad from another SUV manufacturer, saying: "Our SUV will never make your team lose, no matter who drives it!")