Friday, August 5, 2016

JoNo: Don’t Go!

I have just received the worst news in a while: my favorite TV personality, Joanne Nosuchinsky, is leaving Red Eye, one of my favorite TV shows.

I love The Daily ShowThe Nightly ShowFull FrontalReal Time, and I also love Red Eye. And Joanne Nosuchinsky is one of the main reasons I love it.

This is very much like Chevy Chase leaving SNL, Jon Stewart leaving The Daily Show, or Stephen Colbert leaving his Comedy Central show for CBS.

I will miss her a lot, as she was absolutely one of the biggest reason I watched the shows she was on. As far as off-the-cuff silly comedy was concerned, she was the best example recent TV had to offer. And she never got any credit because she was on Fox News Channel, the most hated channel on TV, at 3:00 am. Yeah, she has ruined the country with her fun jokes in the middle of the night!

I wish her well on whatever she’s doing next, but it’s hard to imagine anyone being better than her at what she did. TV will be left wanting after her departure.