Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Gymnastics Hugging Charmin Ad (Proposed)

There’s a lot of hugging in gymnastics on the women’s side. After each routine, the gymnast hugs her coach, then her teammates, then the coaches hug each other. It’s a veritable hug-fest. And since I’m always thinking about advertising, I wondered what could be done with all this hugging in a product advertisement.

And then I thought of the old: “Don’t squeeze the Charmin” ads from my childhood. Now Charmin, and most bathroom tissues, come in this big monolith pack that’s 4 rolls tall by three rolls wide by 1 roll deep: the perfect size for hugging.

So I thought maybe we could have an ad for Charmin where the gymnasts hug the Charmin pack. And perhaps ever bring back (a new version of) Mr. Whipple tell them not to squeeze the Charmin, but when he sees who it is, he says they may squeeze the Charmin.

I know it’s silly, but aren’t a lot of ads?

Here’s an example of the old Mr. Whipple “Don’t squeeze the Charmin” Ads: