Monday, January 16, 2017

10 Cloverfield Lane

I have been avoiding seeing this movie for a while because I am getting tired of partisan stuff, and I thought this was another partisan movie like Red State. But actually, it’s great!

I think, from what I have seen this year, John Goodman should win the Oscar for Best Actor for 10 Cloverfield Lane. I probably sound like I am joking, but I’m not. His performance really made me think about what it would mean to have to live in an underground bunker after some apocalyptic event. I have seen a lot of apocalypse movies, but I never believed it like here, and it was because of John Goodman’s performance. When you think about a horror/sci-fi movie like real life, and it makes you really consider things you’ve never seriously thought about before, then that’s a great performance. And so I’ll say it again: John Goodman for Best Actor 2016.

And aside from that, wow, think of all the missed advertising tie-ins! There are prepper food companies who didn’t tie-in with this movie? How about Twinkies? People used to say Twinkies would last for 100 years, and no tie-in ads? What about car batteries? She starts up her car after the alien attack and they don’t say only a (whatever brand of) battery will start even after an alien attack? And what about antifreeze? Surely only one brand still lets your car run smoothly after the heat and cold of whatever alien attack, right?

And what about air fresheners? After a few days in a hole in the ground, you need the stink-killing freshness of Febreze! And don’t forget Listerine fresh breath strips and Big Red Gum! Plus, with no dentists, you’ll need Trident Sugarless Gum: 4 out of 5 melting zombie dentists demand their victims chew sugarless gum or else they won’t eat their brains!