Saturday, January 14, 2017

“The Founder” Tie-In Ads

The Founder is the current movie about Ray Kroc, the guy who made McDonald’s a huge company through franchising. And seeing as how it’s a big Hollywood movie, there should definitely be some tie-in ad campaigns, just like with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Transformers movies! So how about the following potential tie-in ads:

The Founder, sponsored by Burger King: After watching a movie about McDonald’s, come and taste the burger that beat McDonald’s burgers in taste tests: The Whopper! Kids Meals come with fun The Founder action figures of Ray Kroc, the McDonald brothers, and all your favorite McDonaldland characters! Collect them all! Only at Burger King!

The Founder, sponsored by Pizza Hut: We know that you’re going to be hungry after watching The Founder, but you’ll also be tired of looking at hamburgers! So come on down to Pizza Hut and get yourself a great pizza at Pizza Hut!

The Founder, brought to you by The American Heart Association: Even watching a movie about hamburgers is bad for your health! So remember to go see your doctor and be heart smart!

The Founder, brought to you by Crocs: No, Ray Kroc didn’t found Crocs, but his name will remind you of our comfortable, durable shoes, so come and try a pair today!

The Founder, brought to you by Heinz Ketchup: McDonald’s hamburgers and French fries taste better back when they used to serve them with Heinz Ketchup, but they suck now! Make a burger at home and put Heinz Ketchup on it, and it will taste better than McDonald’s! Even Burger King is better than McDonald’s only because it uses Heinz Ketchup! Even drinking Heinz Ketchup through a straw is better than McDonald’s ever since they dumped us in 2013!