Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Fig Newtons Isaac Newton Ad Campaign (Joke/Proposed)

Isaac Newton sits beneath a fig tree reading a book. The announcer says that legend has it that Isaac Newton conceived of his theory of gravity after being hit on the head by an apple. But the truth is, he was hit on the head with a fig. And after conceiving of his theory of gravity, he did something that really matters: he invented Fig Newtons, the delicious, flakey fig-filled cookies that are naturally good for you!” And as we hear this, we see a fig fall and hit Isaac Newton on his head, and after a brief moment with a lightbulb appearing over his head, he picks up the fig, gets another lightbulb over his head, and then he runs into his house and into the kitchen to make the very first Fig Newton. Then, later, we see Isaac Newton serve Fig Newtons to a crowd of scientists and then he presents his theory of gravity. And the scientists are intrigued by the theory, but even more by the delicious new cookie that is both delicious and also naturally nutritious: the Fig Newton!

And further ads in the campaign could show scientists saying how they liked his idea aboujt gravity, but that the most memorable thing about the presentations was the new Fig Newton cookies he invented.

And another ad would show a scientist being asked by others at the university about what the presentation was about at Isaac Newton’s house, and he says he doesn’t remember what was said because of how delicious these new Fig Newton cookies were, and how everyone simply must try them!