Sunday, January 8, 2017

Pepsi Odell Beckham Ad

This ad shows some young woman at a carnival throwing a ring onto a bottle to win a purple stuffed animal, and then she stops to considered that this must be how Odell Beckham feels when he catches the game-winning touchdown pass, and then he thinks about how catching that pass is what she must have felt like when she won her purple stuffed animal.

Well, I am currently watching the NY Giants lose to the Green Bay Packers in the NFC Wild Card Playoff Game, and Odell Beckham has dropped a bunch of passes today. So maybe Pepsi could remake this ad as an attack ad against Coke where the young woman takes a sip from a Diet Coke and misses the carnival ring toss game, losing the stuffed animal she wants, and she stops to consider: “Hmm, this must be how Odell Beckham felt when he dropped those passes to help the Giants lose their playoff game against Green Bay.” And then we see Odell Beckham drop one of those passes, and he thinks about how this must be how she felt when she missed that throw to not win the purple stuffed animal. And then he takes a sip from a Coke. Then in the tag the announcer says: “See what happens when you drink a Coke instead of a Pepsi!?”

It could be like that Mean Joe Green ad from the 1970s all over again (only this time not a classic ad)!

Here’s the winning Pepsi spot:

(BTW: I am just being a smartass here. I am a Giants fan, and I love Odell Beckham. But he did drop some passes today, and the Giants did lose. And I was really hoping to see the Giants beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl again this year!)