Sunday, January 8, 2017

Geico Spider Ad

In this silly ad for Geico, we hear the nursery rhyme about the itsy bitsy spider, and how when the rain gutters on a house got clogged up the spider’s house got flooded and he lost everything, but then Geico paid his claim and he got a whole new crib and such.

You know, if they just stepped on the spider and squished it, they could have saved all that money they paid out. Why do I think that in real life an insurance company would just squish the spider? Because if they don’t squish that spider, which looks like a Brown Recluse Spider to me, it might bite someone, and then Geico will have to pay out even more money.

Here’s the spider spot:

(You know, they say it’s good luck to have a dream with a spider in it. I wonder if the same goes for seeing an ad with a spider in it?)