Saturday, January 14, 2017

Flu Shot Football PSA (Proposed)

A football player runs down the field and catches a pass where the ball says “The Flu” on it, and the game announcer raves: “And he’s done it! He’s caught the flu!” as the crowd goes wild.

Then the PSA announcer says: “Sometimes it’s great to catch something, and sometimes it’s not. To avoid catching the flu, get a flu shot.”

And as a tag, we see the player in bed with a fever, and he says: “I wish I hadn’t caught that flu!”

(This would also work for baseball, as a fielder catches a fly ball, or for soccer, as the goalie catches a game-ending penalty kick.)

(And, of course, the ad could be reversed, where we see sports guys catching amazing catches, and then the announcer says the same thing about sometimes it's great to catch something, and sometimes it's not. And the tag could be almost identical too.)