Sunday, January 8, 2017

Facebook Live Say It Ad

This is a fun ad and it’s informational and everything, but unfortunately for Facebook, every time I hear about Facebook Live, the only think I will think of is that torture streamed live on Facebook of the special needs guy by four sadist jerks in Chicago, and I’ll bet a lot of other people will think of that as well whenever they see ads for Facebook Live.

Maybe Facebook should pull ads for this thing for a little while, just for that reason, or maybe out of respect for the guy who was harmed by its use recently.

I suppose Facebook Live ads in the future could say: “Use it for this! (And we see a birthday party.) Not for this! (And we see some fight after school.) Use it for this! (And we see a great play in a high school football game.) Not for this! (And we see some illegal underground cockfighting or something.) Use it for this! (And we see a marriage proposal that is accepted) Not for this! (And we see some blurred out amateur pornography scene)” And if we’re lucky, jerks will get the message and put their crime videos on some other platform.

It is amazing what heinous crap some people use social media for. But the cops just love it when criminals post their crimes online, especially with video identifying them. I mean, they don’t love the crimes committed, but if they’re going to have to solve those crimes, it’s a lot easier if they can just watch a video online to know who did it. No DNA evidence or CSI required for solving those crimes.

Here’s the “Say It” social media spot: