Friday, January 6, 2017

Buick Envision Airport Ad

In this silly Buick Envision spot, some guy picks up his grandmother only to find she has married some Italian guy he obviously doesn’t like. Wow, he must be bigoted against Italians! Either that, or his grandmother is rich, and he’s tired of fortune hunters. But at least she loves his lasagna. Or at least maybe his penne.

I’m sure they’ll all have lots to talk about. Like was Amanda Knox guilty or innocent? (Obviously she was always innocent! Duh.)

So I guess what they’re saying with this ad is: buy a Buick, and your family will always marry people you hate! And then you won’t get any inheritance! And you’ll always have to pick them up at the airport too.

I have to say, it’s weird to be reviewing this ad on yet another day where there’s a shooting at an airport, and one near the pickup area at that. I wonder if Buick Envisioned this kind of thing would happen when they approved this ad?