Sunday, January 8, 2017

Honda Accord Keep the Dream Alive Ad

We see a little kid playing with toy racecars and radio-controlled toy cars and racing go karts, and then we see the adult version of that kid, and we’re told to keep the dream alive with the new Honda Accord. Then we see that guy has a young son very much like he was, holding a toy racecar in his hand and going: “Vroom, vroom!” (or something like that) in the backseat of the Honda before arriving at a Go Kart racing business, and we come full circle.

This is a great ad, but not for this product.

Really? A midsize sedan of a moderate price will keep those racing dreams alive? I really don’t think so. The Honda Accord is a great car for reliability and ease of ownership, etc., but it ain’t no frickin’ racecar.

But this is a great ad for a car like a Corvette or a Camaro or a Challenger or something like that. It’s a wining concept, but just not for this car.

Here’s the dreamy spot: