Friday, January 6, 2017

Subway Steak and Cheese Ad

Here we have a cute ad where some dude is way too enthusiastic over this cheesesteak knock off from Subway. But it’s fun and all, with the football style announcer and all. But this ad fails a bit where the Subway employee looks at the guy like he’s nuts. Maybe that’s because she knows the sandwich isn’t that good?

The Subway employee also should have been enthusiastic about the sandwich for this ad to be believable. They could even have high fived over it together.

Also, the steak is “now, triumphantly free of artificial preservatives and flavors” supposedly. What was it before: failingly full of artificial preservatives and flavors?

And for a special tagline to insult vegetarians and vegans, they could have ended the ad with: “Subway: Eat Flesh!” (If they did that and had to pull the ad, maybe it would become a legendary ad like the Little Caesar’s Vegetarian Society “Meatsa Meatsa” ad from the 1990s.)

Here’s the silly Subway steak spot: