Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Puffs “Fences” Tie-In Ad?

In the ad for the Oscar-nominated movie Fences, there is a dramatic scene where Denzel Washington’s character says it’s hard for him to admit he’s been standing in the same place for eighteen years, and Viola Davis’s character says: “And I’ve been standing with you!” And we know it’s an authentic dramatic moment because Viola Davis has a noticeably runny nose.

And because of the palpably runny nose of hers, this would make a great tie-in ad for Puffs tissues! We simply replay that emotional scene, and then Denzel Washington offers to get Viola Davis a tissue, but she declines, citing how they always scratch her nose raw. But Denzel Washington says Puffs tissues contain moisturizers so they won’t irritate her nose, and so she gratefully accepts one from him, and he says: “Oh, I’m sorry, honey; I thought I told you about Puffs before!”

(BTW: Notice I’m not insulting anyone here, but rather, merely pointing out an advertising opportunity from an award-nominated film tat’s very high profile right now. And seriously: does anyone not notice she could use a tissue in that scene?)