Thursday, January 5, 2017

Fiesta Bowl Ohio State Nike “It’s Got to Be the Shoes” Joke Ad

In the late 1980s, Nike had a fun ad campaign with Spike Lee and Michael Jordan where Spike Lee would say of Michael Jordan’s performance on the basketball court: “It’s got to be the shoes!”

Well, after the missed field goals by Ohio State’s field goal kicker, Nike could make a new ad saying it’s got to be the shoes that are the reason he missed the field goals, and he would have made them both if only he’d worn Nike shoes. (Of course, Ohio State would have lost anyway by 31-6 had he made those field goals, so it’s hardly all that guy’s fault.)

I made this same joke about the Alabama vs. Auburn Iron Bowl game from 2013 where five, count ‘em, five missed field goals really did result in a loss for Alabama and a missed out chance at the national title game against Florida State.

Here’s the post from 2013 about all the missed Alabama field goals:

And here’s an example of those great late ‘80s Nike “It’s Got to Be the Shoes” ads:

(Oh, and sorry this is a bit late. I am watching the Fiesta Bowl right now, as I stayed with family over the holidays who do not have ESPN, so I missed the game except for what little live blog I had the patience for.)