Sunday, January 8, 2017

Head & Shoulders Mr. Snow Miser Ad (Joke/Proposed)

Mr. Snow Miser, from Rankin Bass’s The Year Without a Santa Claus, sings his song, and someone notices he has flakes on his shoulders, so they say he really is the Snow Miser for sure! And he says he knew he always should have been the Cold Miser to avoid those flakes on his shoulders, but you have to play to what you’re written. But then he’s told that after using Head & Shoulders dandruff shampoo, he can be the Snow Miser and still have no flakes where he doesn’t want them. And he says he always knew he had the power to create flakes wherever he wanted, but now he has the power to avoid them where he doesn’t want them, thanks to Head & Shoulders!

This is the Snow Miser song, for those who are unfamiliar with this camp classic Christmas TV Special:

And then he sings his new song that goes:

I’m Mr. Snow Miser, I’m Sir Snow Flakes,
But with Head & Shoulders, I have no shoulder flakes,
They call me Snow Miser, whatever I touch,
Turns to snow in my clutch, but no dandruff.