Tuesday, January 10, 2017

T-Mobile Infestation Ad

First I have to say, um, ew. I know this is a fun idea, but still, um, yuck.

Was this maybe inspired by that disgusting Skittles ad recently? Eek!

So, okay, here we have an ad where teens are infested with lice-like fees caught from some neighboring family. It’s not a bad concept, it’s just gross, and how do you catch fees from someone else anyway?

I think to improve this ad, we should see the young couple, and when the boy pulls out his phone, the fees bugs crawl out of his phone onto his arm, and his girlfriend notices, saying: “Ew! Gross!” and refuses to see him again until he switches to a no-fees cell phone plan. And that makes him switch to another plan from T-Mobile.

See what I mean here? That way only the guy with that plan would be infested by his own cell phone plan, and his girlfriend would give him the motivation he needs to switch.

Anyway, it’s just a suggestion…

My issue here is that it seems like people with T-Mobile can still catch the infestation of fees from people with another carrier. If T-Mobile does not make customers immunes from a fees infestation, then why should they want to get T-Mobile? Maybe T-Mobile could have a fees exterminator ad?

Here’s the infesting call phone commercial: