Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Snake Plissken Visa Rule

In response to criticism of President Donald Trump’s travel ban, the White House has ordered a revised travel ban allowing people from banned countries who already have visas to travel to the United States so long as they abide by the Snake Plissken Rule.

The Snake Plissken Rule, officially named the Hauk Policy (named for Lee Van Cleef’s character in the movie Escape from New York), would allow persons from the seven countries enforced under Trump’s travel ban to visit the United States under the condition that they already have a visa, and that they undergo a mandatory heath screening including immunizations for certain diseases. But the inoculations are in fact tiny explosive capsules injected into their carotid arteries timed to explode when their visas expire if they have not left the vicinity of the United States of America. So if they overstay their visas, they will be killed, but if they leave on time, the explosive capsules will naturally dissolve and become harmless.

Critics charge this is tantamount to a criminal threat, and additionally, the explosive capsules don’t really exist anyway, and even if they did, they don’t work. The White House responded that they are willing to admit the capsules may not work, but also said maybe they do, and let’s wait and see if anyone wants to test their efficacy.

This is Snake Plissken: