Friday, January 6, 2017

Money Tree Puppet & Raccoon Ad

This ad strategy of the puppet telling people what to do never really worked for me. I mean, it’s green, signifying money, I guess, but then all the Muppets were odd colors for humans anyway, so the puppet being green doesn’t really stand out that much for that reason.

And here we have a woman who takes a day off of work to try to get a mortgage, and she finds someone in her house, who tells her she didn’t have to take a day off from work (!!!). Well, I think it’s good that she did, because had she not, this puppet would have robbed her house and invited in all the neighborhood rabid raccoons so she wouldn’t notice her house had been robbed until he was long gone! At least this way she gets to head off the robbery and call the cops to rid her of the puppet and rabid raccoon.

And all jokes aside, why did the puppet let the rabid raccoon into her house? Just to punish her for not knowing to use Lending Tree? (He says he followed it in, which suggests he could have pulled it out instead of following it in. But it seems to me he probably trapped it and pushed it through her doggy door. After all, puppets are immune to rabies.) Or maybe it’s just that if you ever try to use Lending Tree that puppet will have rabid wild animals attack you because the company fired him and he’s still mad or something. And why didn’t her dog bark at the raccoon? (She has a doggy door that is not locked, so…) My guess is the puppet killed her dog, and now it’s going to kill her so she can’t rat (or raccoon) him out.

Here’s the puppet piece: