Friday, September 16, 2016

Bankenstein Must Be Destroyed

(A proposed political ad based upon the classic Hammer movie from 1969: Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed.)

Jill Stein said in a televised interview recently that the big banks need to be broken up so that there won’t be another crash the taxpayers have to clean up with most of it going to obscene bonuses on the backs of working American, like what happened under Obama. (And he did let it happen, rather than say: “I don’t care what your contract states; you’re not getting a bonus paid from taxpayer funds after you ran your companies into the ground and caused a worldwide financial collapse, killing millions of jobs.” He really did this country a disservice when he paid those criminal con men tens of millions of dollars apiece of our tax money that we needed for renovating infrastructure and helping those whose jobs and savings were wiped out by the bankers’ illegal activities. But I guess he needed their campaign contributions later, huh?)

Well, to sell this point, why not make an animated political ad with the title: Bankenstein Must Be Destroyed, and showing how the banks have become monster behemoths that can destroy countries and economies? I think it would be very effective and memorable, and it might even make a difference to push policy that helps working Americans for once instead of the mega-rich political donor class.