Friday, September 16, 2016

Uncle Sham

Uncle Sham is a loathsome cousin of Uncle Sam. He makes sure that there is lots of dishonesty, incompetence, broken promises, a complete lack of integrity and accountability, and plenty of biased partisan propaganda posing as news.

Don’t trust the news stories that misrepresent facts and issues and smear people on one side of the aisle while promoting a lying, incompetent, treasonous cad on the other side of the aisle? Thank Uncle Sham! He’s in charge of that.

Don’t trust the purportedly non-partisan fact checking entities that lie about facts to help one political party at the expense of the other? Thank Uncle Sham! He came up with that!

Don’t trust the outcome of the election due to dirty tricks, restrictive election laws, voter fraud and vote-counting shenanigans? Thank Uncle Sham: He did that for you!

Mad about how the government has become saturated in partisanship and corruption, looking the other way at treasonous crimes committed against the American People and permitting serial obstruction of justice, multiple perjuries from high-ranking officials, the destruction of evidence time and time again, and the ignoring of federal subpoenas? Thank Uncle Sham!

Uncle Sham is non-partisan himself, but he finds that his shams work a lot better when working with one particular political party, because that party owns the news and spins furiously, buries negative stories, uses distraction tactics to minimize news that embarrasses their preferred party (Hey, look over there!), and cooks all the data to push agendas. Can you tell me which political party this is? (The other party only wishes it could pull off propaganda and corruption so successfully!)

Uncle Sham’s greatest accomplishments: sham wars, sham elections, sham news, sham investigations, sham oversight, sham transparency, sham lawmaking procedures, sham justice. Sham wow!

(Can you tell I’m mad about this stuff?)