Friday, September 16, 2016

Carl’s Jr. “Another Piece of Meat” Ad (Proposed)

When I was in middle school, the Scorpions were a fun metal band, and one of my favorite songs of theirs was called: “Another Piece of Meat”. Its chorus sings: “Hey let’s go, don’t put on a show, you’re just another piece, another piece of meat.” And that makes me think of hamburger ads nowadays, so here’s a proposed ad for Carl’s Jr. based on this classic Scorpions’ song.

While we hear the chorus from the song: “Another Piece of Meat” by the Scorpions, we see advertising presentations of a clown and a king presenting their burgers to customers in extremely flashy ways, with pyrotechnics, dancing girls, puppet suit characters, etc. And then we see some woman who reminds us of Wendy’s mascot cooking a burger in a rustic kitchen oozing with a sense of homemadeness and family sentimentality. And then the image of a Carl’s Jr. burger, one of their huge premium burgers, pushes its way into frame, and the announcer tells us about the burger, and how it’s so good, they don’t need any kings or clowns or puppets or cartoon characters or heart-string-tugging family characters created by marketing companies to present it. Those kinds of flashy presentations only seek to hide the fact that the burger is generic. Then the announcer says: “The (whatever) burger from Carl’s Jr.: (It’s) not just another piece of meat.”

This is the Scorpions’: “Another Piece of Meat”: