Friday, September 2, 2016

LED Light Bulbs Galactus Ad (Proposed)

We see Galactus, the great Marvel Comics cosmic super villain, flying through space towards the Earth, and he’s saying to himself: “Most Earth creatures don’t know it, but I made a secret deal with the Fantastic Four that if the human race ever destroyed themselves through their foolishness, I could consume their planet. Well, it’s probably about time now, with all their carbon emissions, and those light bulbs they use. Surely the planet will me mine by now!” But as Galactus arrives at Earth, he realizes his trip was in vain, saying: “Wait! They were using incandescent light bulbs the last time I was here! Surely that should have destroyed them by now! But what do I see? They’re now all using LED light bulbs that save energy! Now I will never get to consume the delicious Earth! No-o-o-o-o-o-o!”

And as a tag, the Silver Surfer could fly up to Galactus and tell him that humans on Earth now care about their environment, and now he will never get to consume the planet Earth. And Galactus says: “You have betrayed me again for the last time!” And the Silver Surfer says: “No, I haven’t. There’s a way more scrumptious planet waiting for you just beyond this solar system! And with no burnt smoky flavor to ruin your enjoyment!” And Galactus says: “I knew you were a loyal herald all along. Come, point me at this tasty morsel!” And they fly off together.

This is Galactus and the Silver Surfer, his herald: