Friday, September 16, 2016

The Nail Nemesis

(Super Villain for a proposed Lee Press-On Nails Ad.)

Quick: protect your fingers! The Nail Nemesis is on the loose!

The Nail Nemesis is a super villain whose superpower is to make people’s fingernails break, embarrassing them, and leaving everyone with nails that snag on their clothes and stuff. What a dastardly, vicious villain is The Nail Nemesis!

Showing no mercy, the Nail Nemesis strikes when we least expect it, and especially after someone has gone to the trouble of making their fingernails look nice.

Who can save us from such a fiend as this? Why, it’s Lee Press-On Nails!

Lee Press-On Nails are so strong, the Nail Nemesis cannot break them. And they’re so easy to use, anyone can do it!

Nail Nemesis, we’re in your power no longer, and we won’t be victims anymore, for Lee Press-On Nails will save us!