Friday, September 16, 2016

Sexual Harassmen: The Super Villains

Hide your gender: it’s the Sexual Harassmen, the team of super villains!

Wonder Woman has defeated all of her other adversaries. But can she defeat the indignation provoked by the Sexual Harassmen?

Yes, Wonder Woman always defeats the Sexual Harassmen by putting on a special Law Suit, with a pair of Legal Briefs worn on the outside of the pants, like superheroes always seem to like to do. And with this Law Suit, Wonder Woman puts a stop to their inappropriate and abusive antics!

The Sexual Harassmen, unlike most super villains, actually represent a real peril most women will face during their school and work years. And seeing them defeated might actually be cathartic.

Stories of their exploits (pun intended) could indicate real-world solutions for people who suffer with this indignity in their real lives, helping to show how to deal with it effectively. And all profits from comics featuring the Sexual Harassmen could be donated to groups that aid in legal representation for victims of sexual harassment in the workplace.