Friday, September 2, 2016

McDonald's Melty Cheese Cell Phone Internet Ad

I was looking for a sing on YouTube, and when I found it, there was an ad for McDonald's right before it. And being a good American, I muted the ad and then skipped it as soon as I was able. But right before I got to skip it, I saw a cell phone with cheese melting out of it. Does this mean we have to lick off the edges of our cell phones after eating at McDonald's? Because if our phones ooze melted cheese out of them into our pockets, especially American cheese, then that's going to be a mess that's hard to get out. American cheese is mostly oil, I think, but if you remember to lick it off first, hopefully it will be fine. But if you forget you'll have to wash it in hot water, and probably Shout it out!

(Maybe this would make a good combination commercial for McDonald's and Shout?)