Sunday, September 11, 2016

Bridgestone Run-Flat Tires Tom Brady Deflate-Gate Ad (Proposed)

Tom Brady sits out an early game of the 2016 season. Sitting on the bench, he grasps a football. Squeezing it, he says to a teammate: “What difference does it make if the football is deflated or not? Why is it such a big deal? It’s no different than Bridgestone Run-Flat Tires: they drive the same and handle the same whether they’re full of air or flat. And when they’re flat, they get you out of trouble, unlike with a football, where when it’s flat it gets you into trouble.” And his teammate, next to him on the bench, says: “Tell me about it. Bridgestone Run-Flat Tires keep you in the game when other tires would go flat and put you out of the game.” Then another teammate says: “Hey Tom: Maybe next time you should get a Bridgestone Run-Flat Football to use!” And his teammates all laugh.