Friday, September 2, 2016

Smart Car “Get Smart” Ad (Proposed)

Has anyone done this yet? Maybe so, but I haven’t seen it.

Maxwell Smart of Get Smart has all his miniaturized James Bond type stuff, and so naturally he would drive a miniature car: the Smart Car, and because it’s a secret agent car, it’s stronger and more durable than any other car of any size. And if you want one too, the get a Smart Car!

Someone who knows Get Smart better than me would probably write it better than me, but when are they going to do this? (I guess maybe never…)

From what I understand, Maxwell Smart’s equipment didn’t work quite as well as James Bond’s. So maybe the Smart Car could be the exception: He says: “I keep expecting this thing to fail, but it doesn’t!”

(Smart Car's company will probably never forgive me for my joke Fredo ad though.)