Friday, September 16, 2016

Why Would Russia Want to Harm America’s Politics?

I do not know this for a fact, but I have heard from a very reliable source that while Russia does not admit to perpetrating the hacks on the DNC and Hillary Clinton, they did say that if it were Russia who had committed the hackings and revealed the damaging information proving corruption that it would have been for the following reason:

Russia is concerned that America is stealing their political system. In the past, insider trading, pay-to-play, dirty tricks, political persecutions, sham justice, government officials always getting away with corruption, using the apparatus of government agencies to attack private citizens who oppose the current leadership, infiltration of the news industry with government propaganda and agenda pushing, rigged elections, etc.: These are the ways of the Russian government. But now the American government is adopting these ways for themselves, and Russia resents it! How dare America pilfer from our corrupt system! And having oligarchs running the government and enriching themselves at public expense through various corrupt schemes to become plutocrats: Russia invented that! How dare America steal Russia’s political system, and without paying any royalties, too! And at the same time as America steals Russia’s corruption, they also harshly criticize Russia for being corrupt: what hypocrisy!

And reportedly Russia feels that if the proof of all this corruption in American politics were to be revealed, surely the American citizens would put a stop to it, and Russia would retain sole ownership of their particularly Russian style of political corruption.