Friday, September 16, 2016

Enfeeble: The Weakening Drink for Seniors

It’s Enfeeble, the drink for seniors that makes them seem old and feeble!

Do you have a rich older relative who through no fault of yours is still mentally sharp and physically self-sufficient? You want that cash, but you can’t get it, right? No problem! That’s why there’s Enfeeble.

Enfeeble has a cocktail of different drugs to cause a lack of balance, mental confusion, loss of memory, lack of motor coordination, tremors, hearing loss, drooling, incontinence and gas. Simply give your relative Enfeeble the morning of any meeting with a lawyer, and presto: you’ll have power of attorney and approval to move them into a prisonlike nursing home immediately!

Plus, Enfeeble runs its own chain of nursing home prisons, so you can be sure your victim, I mean, loved one, will never see a lawyer and they’ll never get out.

That’s Enfeeble: Ask for it by name at select reprehensible and criminal pharmacies near you.