Saturday, September 24, 2016

Joke NRA Hillary Ad

I just saw an ad for the NRA where a woman is woken up by a break-in at her home, and she calls 9-1-1, and then she opens her gun safe and grabs her gun. But then we hear that Hillary Clinton wants to take away our right to defend ourselves, and so the gun and gun safe disappear, and the woman drops the phone onto the floor, and the implication is that she is assaulted or killed, and then we cut to a shot of the police outside the house.

How about this one as a joke on that ad, but this time as an ad for Hillary Clinton:

We see some angry young white man preparing for a spree shooting, similarly to Robert De Niro in the famous scene in Taxi Driver. We see him put a few guns into the waist of his jeans as the announcer says: “You’re an angry white man. You’re mad because your white privilege is slipping away. But you’re going to show them a thing or two! Oh, but Hillary Clinton wants to take away your guns.” Then the guns disappear and the young man’s pants fall down. He tries to walk over to a gun safe, but it disappears too, and he trips over the pants around his ankles and smashes his head into his chest of drawers.

Sorry, but I cannot seem to find this NRA ad online; plenty of others, but not this one.

(BTW: This is just a joke ad based upon the NRA ad I saw and what the Democrats like to say as an argument against gun rights. I think this is the kind of ad the Democrats would like to run, but they know it would likely cost them a lot of votes if they did. Personally I believe in the right to defend ourselves with a gun at home, but I think we need to be responsible with them, and we need to implement mandatory gun safety and target training, extend background checks, and aggressively prosecute straw buyers.)