Friday, September 23, 2016

Siemens The Monsters That Live in the Dark Ad

In their effort to reassure us all that they keep the lights on for us, this Siemes ad accidentally reveals the frightening truth: there really are monsters that live in the dark, and they threaten to kill and eat us if the lights ever go out!

Aaaaa! Help, they’re going to get me! We’d better all leave all of our lights on all the time just to be sure we’re safe! Energy saving be damned!

I have tried to make people aware of the actual danger to our lives from these supposedly imaginary monsters for years, but nobody listens to me. But now, because of the truth finally being revealed by this Siemens ad, I think it is incumbent on us all to dress up in monster costumes and attack people until society finally believes the threat is real. And thanks to Siemens for finally being honest about this very real threat, even if they did it accidentally.

Here’s the scary spot:

(By the way, all jokes aside, when I was a little teensy kid, I was also afraid of the dark, and I slept with the light on for a while. And while I don’t remember my exact age when my parents made me sleep with the light off for the first time, I do remember what it was like that first night: it was very similar to the effects in this spot. There was a stream of light from the hallway peering into my bedroom, and in it I thought I saw the shadows of frightening monsters threatening and such. So I think this ad totally gets it right in its depiction of the frightening monsters threatening our vulnerable, cowardly children.)