Saturday, September 17, 2016

Laxative Toilet Picture Tweets Joke Ad

People post pictures of their food before it goes into them, so it’s only natural that they would post pictures of the food after it comes out, right? Anyway, that’s the concept of this joke ad for a laxative.

And for another take on this concept, another laxative joke ad could show an empty toilet for a few days, and then a picture of a full toilet (full of crap, that is…), and it says underneath that picture that they took the laxative on that day. That would prove that it worked (assuming the pictures were honest).

Laxative ads always have people in them claiming the product works, and yet I have never seen any proof of it in the ads. Are we just supposed to take their word for it? We need to see that poop!

But how do we know it’s poop from the person who claimed they took the laxative? Maybe it’s some else’s poop! We’re going to have to treat this like urine testing in the Olympics to be sure they’re not cheating.