Saturday, September 17, 2016

Disney Theme Parks’ Dark Purpose

Disney Theme Parks are a plot by wicked queens and evil sorceresses to stay eternally young by draining the youth of multitudes of children while they wait in long lines for the rides. Every moment every child waits in a line for a ride gets transferred to the wicked queens and evil sorceresses to keep them looking eternally youthful. And the queens and sorceresses take turns, sharing this endlessly abundant source of youthfulness between themselves. And with each child being drained only a small amount, nobody ever notices; but all of youth drained from all the children waiting in the lines at the park really add up, granting them all timeless beauty indefinitely!

And the wicked queens and evil sorceresses actually agreed to star in the movies to help promote the theme park in order to attract more children there to drain youth from.

There: now you know.

(I’m sure many of you believed me about this, but I was only joking.)