Saturday, September 10, 2016

Cat Litter Dune Ad (Proposed)

As dramatic movie music plays, we see a cat standing on an expansive set of dunes made of cat litter, as far as the eye can see, like the sand dunes from the movie version of Frank Herbert’s Dune, as we hear the cat imagine to himself: “I am Meow’Dib, savior of Dune! Only I can save the Feline Fremen and bring balance to the galaxy!” Then we cut to the cat standing in a litter box in a suburban house, and a young man asks a young woman: “How does your cat like the new (whatever brand of) cat litter?” And the woman replies: “I think he likes it. (He’s still standing in the litter box.)” Then we cut back to the movie version of the cat on the cat litter dunes of Arrakis as the dramatic music swells.