Thursday, September 1, 2016

Numb Master Metallica Ad (Joke/Proposed)

I just posted a joke/proposed as for Nupercainal (or for Recticare, if you prefer) using the song: “Rock You Like a Hurricane” by the Scorpions. And in researching these products, I found one called Numb Master, and that made me think of the great Metallica song: “Master of Puppets”, but using new lyrics as an ad song for Numb Master (can you imagine a guy dressed up as a container of Numb Master headbanging with a bunch of metalheads and singing the following?):

Apply Numb Master!
Numb Master!
Master of numbness I’m numbing your pain,
Helping to numb that which drives you insane,
Just apply me and you won’t feel a thing,
Just call my name when you want to scream,
Numb Master!
Numb Master!
Just apply me, you won’t feel a thing,
Numb Master!
Numb Master!

(I don’t know: maybe the metalhead guys got burned by standing too close to the pyrotechnics at a concert, or else maybe their necks hurt from headbanging too much or something, or maybe one got burned and the others have sore necks, so they need Numb Master.)

Here’s: “Master of Puppets” by Metallica (The chorus part I’m referring to begins at around 1:44):

(The scenario in the ad could be a bunch of middle aged guys who go see a heavy metal band they loved when they were younger {like Metallica, for example}, but at their age, they can't headbang like they used to, so they hurt themselves, etc., and so they need Numb Master.)