Thursday, September 15, 2016

Scotts Turf Builder Turf Building Ad (Proposed)

We see the Scotts Turf Builder mascot (As I have suggested before, the Scotts mascot could be a Braveheart type Scotsman in tartan kilt and so forth, but with green face paint instead of blue.), and he is helping to build up some turf (sod), acting as the coach to a guy dressed up in a sod outfit, yelling encouragement to the turf as it lifts weights, does sit-ups with a medicine ball, does calisthenics, jogs, etc. And in between exercises we see the turf drinking a bottle of Scotts Turf Builder, turf’s version of Muscle Milk or Gatorade. And then, after the montage of exercise, the turf makes a muscle with its arm, and it’s strong and impressive.

Then we see/hear the slogan, which is: “Scotts Turf Builder: The Strong Arm of the Lawn.”

(BTW: If they wanted to go with Mr. Scott from Star Trek, another of my suggestions for a Scotts mascot, we could see Mr. Scott genetically engineering the grass into a humanoid made of turf, and then we could see him running it through some exercise regimen.)