Friday, September 16, 2016

How Low Can You Go? (News Media-Public Trust Limbo Contest)

Wow, only 32% of Americans still trust the news media to provide accurate, unbiased information. Can you believe it? That’s amazing!

I wonder why so many people still believe those shysters?

I think that number is roughly equal to the number of people in this country who are absolutely, thoroughly brainwashed by partisanship and can no longer think for themselves; and my guess is they still trust the news media because what they hear and read constantly affirms their biased beliefs. I don’t know that for a fact, but I suspect it.

It’s funny: we have the absolute worst, most biased, corrupt news reporting of all time in this country at exactly the same time as we have the worst two major party presidential candidates in our nation’s entire history! You know, I think it’s possible that there is some link between the news shilling for candidates nobody actually likes or trusts and the fact that hardly anybody trusts the news media anymore. It would be almost perversely amusing if it were not so harmful to our country.

Hm, I can’t help but wonder if people would trust our news more if the news told the truth more often? And I know it’s probably not permissible, but if the news tried informing the public about politics in a non-biased manner, would people perhaps trust the news more still? And if news stories were not so obviously used to push agendas the majority of the country disagrees with, do you think it's possible that…? (Nah: probably not. The news industry has so badly poisoned the well of public trust in their arrogant attempt to brainwash and indoctrinate American citizens that I think it's unlikely they will be able to win back the public’s trust at this point. And it’s their own fault. By putting partisan propaganda misinformation ahead of informing the public, the news industry in America has poisoned its own integrity in a very public way. Using the news as a way to try to tell people what to think was journalistic malpractice from the start, and I think most Americans resent it by now. It sure leaves a bad taste in my mouth: and how!)

Here’s the sinking story (I wanted to be sure it was honest and accurate, so I got the figures from Gallup, rather than from some dishonest spin merchant news outlet.):