Monday, September 5, 2016

Cough Medicine Andy Cough Man Ad (Joke/Proposed)

In this joke/proposed ad for a cough medicine, we see a stand-in for Andy Kaufman, and he tries to do his impersonations, like Andy Kaufman did on Saturday Night Live, but each time he tries, he starts coughing, and he can’t stop coughing. (He might have done this in real life as a joke, by the way.) And then a stagehand gives him some of the cough medicine the ad is for, and then he says: “Thank you very much. And now I’ll do the Elvis Presley…” (And he does a perfect Elvis Presley, like he always did. And, in fact, Andy Kaufman’s Elvis impersonation was the favorite of them all of the King himself: Elvis Presley, although the King, may have been high at the time. But Andy Kaufman was still the best Elvis impersonator ever anyway.)

This is Andy Kaufman’s Elvis impersonation part, since I cannot seem to find it all:

(BTW: For those who don't know, Andy Kaufman was a performance artist who did stand-up comedy, and he had a routine where he would play the Foreign Man, with a thick Eastern European accent that would be considered politically incorrect today, and he would say things like: "Now I will do the Jimmy Carter." And then he'd say, in the same voice: "Hello, I'm Jimmy Carter, President of the United States," and people would laugh, and he'd do another one just like that, and then, once he had completely disarmed the audience, he'd say: "And now I'll do the Elvis Presley," and he'd do a dead-on Elvis impersonation. And it was hilarious! But Andy Kaufman was also infamous for showing up to a college and reading F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby all the way through as a joke. So he really might have coughed his way through a set once as a joke. No, really.)