Sunday, May 20, 2012

Lean Cuisine “Chef’s Pick” Packaging

As a man who would prefer to remain as trim as possible, I eat Lean Cuisine quite often. Alas, while the cuisine may be lean, I am not as much as I used to be. Oh, but this new packaging is just what I need to scare me slim again!

That’s right: for those of you who have noticed, the new Lean Cuisine packaging has selected entrees they’re calling the “Chef’s Pick”, and what do you suppose is at the top of this little badge/logo thingy? Well, if you guessed two slasher movie-style murder knives, give yourself a gold star! Yes, they could have used a knife and fork, a fork and spoon, a piece of fine china, a wine glass, a chef’s (toque) hat, etc.; but no: they decided to use two slasher knives, as if to say: “You’d better lose weight, or else!” (Unless you want to have Michael Myers after you, or one of any number of slasher-knife killers from the movies!)

Yes, I’m afraid that if you gain weight while eating their delicious entrees, that makes them look bad; and that’s why they’re putting in these new suggestive logos for subliminal messaging. It’s just lucky for you that I was eagle-eyed enough to spot them before it was too late! (But seriously, it looks like if we don't lose enough weight while eating their stuff, they’re going to “whittle us down to size”, doesn’t it?)

(Of course this is a silly joke. But seriously, Lean Cuisine, are two crossed slasher-style murder knives really the way to go for your “Chef’s Pick” entrees logo? Oh, but then again, after all of these ridiculously rude and evil chef TV shows, maybe crossed murder knives is what most people automatically think of these days when they think about chefs! {As in, that might be what they would like to use on these chefs, for being such jerks on TV for so long!})

And here’s a picture of this packaging (the logo is at the top right-hand corner):