Monday, May 7, 2012

Truck Nuts Oppression: Is It Sexism?

Some guy got pulled over in South Carolina for his “anatomically correct” display on the rear end of his pickup truck (!). Um, how is having a replica of testicles on a motor vehicle in any way “anatomically correct”? Trucks don’t have nuts! (Well, not testicle-type nuts, anyway...) So isn’t it anatomically incorrect, but additionally, perhaps it’s obscene? (If that’s what they want to do.) But really, it’s politically incorrect!

Look, we all know where this is headed, right? This is going to the Supreme Court as gender discrimination! Why? Well, because it’s sexist! And why is that? Well, obviously because women could put “truck ovaries” on their trucks, and because ovaries are not, in and of themselves, considered obscene, even though they are the direct female reproductive equivalent to testicles, this would make it sexist. And that’s discriminatory! (Duh! You sexist!)

The fact that none of them would put truck ovaries on their trucks is immaterial: They could do it, and get away with it, so it is unfair, plain and simple!

So this is obviously gender discrimination of the highest order. And just to protest, we should all put truck ovaries on our pickup trucks. (It’s not just because I just started a line of truck ovaries: That is incidental and immaterial! I’m simply fighting for equal rights for everyone! {And it will only cost you $500 per set: A bargain at any price to fight for equality!} [<This is a joke: there is no such thing as truck ovaries, and even if there is, I don’t make them!])

Here’s the sickening sexist story:

Although, someone has made the argument that the Dodge Ram logo looks like a female reproductive anatomical diagram, and it’s hard to argue with: