Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Spiriva Elephant Ad

Spiriva, some inhalant stuff for COPD or something, has a TV commercial where they show an elephant sitting on some old lady on a couch. So, is this suggestive liberal advertising where they’re subliminally trying to make Republicans look like they’re trying to kill grandma again? Why didn’t they have a donkey sit on her, if they’re so innocent? Or a Rhino? (Um, actually, that would be another type of political smear, wouldn’t it? {That being conservative against moderate Republican, for those who don’t know: RINO = Republican In Name Only.}) Or how about an anvil? That’s non-partisan! Or does Obamacare pay more to Spiriva than regular insurance? (A-ha! I knew it!)

I knew this was all a liberal plot to discredit Republicans the moment I saw that elephant squashing the old lady! But if they’re going to do it right, they really ought to have the elephant spill oil all over her out of its trunk, and breathe out coal smoke until the room is full of it. Then, after it killed her, it could steal all of her Social Security checks, and foreclose on her home on the way out. Oh, and give all of her money to a big Wall Street bank. Except that President Obama got more money from Wall Street last time, so maybe they could show the Wall Street banks take the money from the elephant, and then donate it to the president, who then takes it and then rags on the banks, and sides with Occupy Wall Street, who we then see overwhelm and conquer the banks.

Ah, the circle of political life…

(I hope you all realize this is just a joke.)

Here’s the elephantine spot: