Thursday, July 28, 2016

Bounty Paper Towels Bounty Hunters Ad (Proposed)

In a visual style reminiscent of the Spaghetti Western movies of Sergio Leone, we see an Old West town, and then we see two or three strangers ride into town on horseback. The announcer tells us these are the “Bounty Hunters”. They’re tough-looking Western movie gunfighter-type men like Clint Eastwood, armed with Bounty Paper Towels who are constantly hunting for a dirty place to clean up. They wear paper towel dispensers with rolls of Bounty Paper Towels on their hips in the place of guns in holsters, and they quick-draw paper towels out of them whenever a spill occurs within their general vicinity. And once they arrive, and the townspeople see them, they announce: “We’re gonna clean up this town.” And they proceed to clean up everything dirty or grimy and every spill in the whole town. And when they arrive at the saloon, they encounter spilled whiskey, tobacco spit, blood from gunfights, scuff marks from boots, etc. on the bar, on the tables and all over the floor. By the end of the day, the town is absolutely spotless and gleaming with cleanliness. And as they ride off into the sunset, having been cleaning all day long, the announcer says: “And another town is cleaned up, thanks to the ‘Bounty Hunters’!”