Sunday, July 24, 2016

Energizer “Lights Out” Ad (Proposed)

I’m surprised I have never seen a battery ad using one of those horror movie flashlights that keeps going out and stuff, and then the monster or ghost or whatever strikes in the dark. Well, now there’s a successful horror movie called: Lights Out, and it has a monster/ghost/whatever evil thingy that can only strike in the dark, and lights and flashlights go on and off a lot onscreen.

So how about an ad for Energizer (or another brand of batteries: I always say Energizer because in my experience, Energizer is by far the best battery brand out there) where someone has a flashlight that keeps going out and then they get attacked by the monster, and then we cut to them using Energizer batteries in the flashlight, and the monster never strikes, because the flashlight never goes out.