Saturday, July 16, 2016

Volvo "Marathon Man" Ad (Joke/Proposed)

Most people have seen the Dustin Hoffman/Laurence Olivier movie Marathon Man. And in the movie is the famous scene where Laurence Olivier's escaped Nazi war criminal straps Dustin Hoffman down in a chair and starts drilling his teeth without anesthesia, and he keeps asking: "Is it safe?" And I thought that would make a fun ad or joke ad for a safe car, like so:

Laurence Olivier's Nazi character takes a Volvo on a test drive, and Dustin Hoffman is the dealer. So when they get back to the dealership, Laurence Olivier straps Dustin Hoffman down in the passenger's seat with the seatbelt and asks: "Is it safe?" And Dustin Hoffman says: "Yes, it's safe. It's a Volvo." And so Laurence Olivier says: "Okay, then I'll take it." (And he pays for it with diamonds.)

I guess you couldn't really make this ad, because nobody wants a Nazi clientele, or at least nobody wants you to know they might have one. But I still think it's a fun idea.

Here's the scene from Marathon Man for those who haven't seen it: