Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Rocket Mortgage Spock Ad

Now this is a step in the right direction for Rocket Mortgages: a Star Trek ad. It makes me wonder why other companies balk at a Star Trek ad when Rocket Mortgages is willing to do one. Oh, well: whatever...

Anyway, this ad is fun and all, but real Star Trek fans know we've only ever really seen Spock with one potential wife (T'Pring, in the episode "Amok Time"), and that one was cheating on him with this beefcake Vulcan named Stonn.

So I think once Spock gets the new house with the Rocket Mortgage, T'Pring should say: "Stonn will really love this house." And when Spock says: "What do you refer to?" she says: "Of course it is logical I will cheat on you with Stonn while you're away paying the mortgage on this house."

Here's the Starry Spot: