Monday, July 25, 2016 Envy Ad

In this ridiculous ad for, apparently a website that expounds the ways in which opioid induced constipation is different from other, mundane forms of constipation (or maybe it’s just a bunch of poop fetishists trying to camouflage their porn site), we see some constipated drug addict who is jealous of everyone else who can poop. So I think this ad shouldn’t have been called simply: “Envy”, but rather, it should have been called: “Anus Envy” (a joke on Penis Envy), because clearly this guy envies other people’s anuses for having the ability to defecate, which his lacks the ability to do, due to his drug use.

Maybe he should quit using drugs if he likes being able to take a crap so much.

Here’s the crappy commercial: